When I lived in DC, my pastor Mark Batterson would often insist that, “Good ideas are good, but God ideas change the course of history.” It’s a humbling reminder that our best is woefully short of what God can accomplish.

So how do we get a God idea? Pastor Mark would say it starts by getting in the presence of God. After that, anything’s possible!

What does this have to do with CYP? I believe CYP can be an “idea incubator” of sorts. When young professionals who put God first meet to encourage each other and consider the implications of faith on their leadership, career and life endeavors, there’s no telling what ideas could get sparked.

One of our prayers for CYP is for it to be a place where it’s normal for God ideas to happen. When we look back, we’ll trace the inspiration for significant life events back to a moment or conversation that happened at a CYP event.

Isn’t that something you’d like to be a part of?